Guiding help

This is my life journey

My experiences have given me a genuine empathy and a real desire to support and guide people on the path to recovery. My goal is to be a safe haven to anybody who needs it, you are not alone. I’m approachable and do not judge. I have chosen to specialize in the fields in which I have experience in. My guiding structure enables my clients to access their full potential. I assist them in making positive changes within themselves, to unleash their inner, happier self. During my sessions my clients discover the answers they need to move forward mentally, emotionally and physically. The power to take back control and to lead a healthier, happier life is within all of us. All you need is the guidance on how to access it.

From a very young age I would quickly realize that life would not always be easy. A very traumatic experience as a child (one in which I did not deal with until later in life) and then being bullied at high school was to be the start of my mental health journey. Along with this, the separation of my parents, reinforced a sense of instability in what was otherwise a loving, happy and supportive childhood. From these now shaky grounds I became a young single mum, living on my own and having to grow up rapidly. These were some of my most difficult years.

Following the breakup with my child’s father and having to move to a place of safety, it was here where my mental health really took control of me. At the age of 18 I started to suffer with anxiety and panic attacks daily and to this day now almost 34 years later I still battle with this. I become afraid to go out and confrontation was a no no.

There were times when trying to buy a tin of beans would present a real challenge for me. I had lost all confidence in myself and the world around me. I was heavily medicated which just made daily activities even more difficult. One day whilst frantically trying to take an anti-anxiety medication I looked at myself in the mirror and just said NO. No more. I had two choices, I could allow the events of my life to beat me here and now or I could stop, turn and face them and take back the control I had lost. I chose to find a way back to my inner happier self and to master control over my mental health issues. For many years I struggled, I had counselling and slowly bit by bit I regained control over all my anxieties and day by day I became stronger and stronger.

Setting myself small achievable goals and celebrating the completion of them. I completed my degree at university and landed my dream job (children’s nursing). This wasn’t to be the end of my struggles! I had to face more abusive relationships and the loss of my mother to a terminal illness. The difference now though was I had some learned skills which enabled me to cope better and see the signs for when I would need help. This time things were different I was more in control, however, that does not mean that my anxieties or fears totally went away. They are still with me but no longer have control, I control them. Today it’s my turn to give back and to show everyone that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If I can do it, so can you.

Let me be that guide.